Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Turmoil... The Clear & The Unclear!!!

& Mike made public to the world that Ginger ignored him yet again… (not that it was her intention… but because she genuinely dint see him)... his friends said u must go speak to her!!!

But his public announcement made her wonder what she would have done if she would have actually have had seen him!!! She gave it a long thought & realized, there would be no option but to ignore… its been approximately 2 years now since they broke up, everything has been discussed over & over & OVER… she still SEES no reason to talk… not even for the good old times!!

Its true, things have gotten better… its also true that she knows that his heart still yearns for her… that he still wants her by his side… but its also true that she trusted him not once but twice… & he broke her trust which is the most basic element to a relationship…

She wrote to him
“Dear Mike,

You are the most perfect guy that every girl ever dreams of!!!

You’ve respected my emotions, laughed at my jokes, wiped my tears, stood by me irrespective of whether I was right or wrong, loved me & cared for me even over your heath, never drooled at another woman in front of me & even behind my back! You’ve carried my bags, cleaned up my vomit, heard my shit, tolerated my anger & yet made me smile all the while… but you broke my trust, not once but twice by not believing that I will do my best to help you… you broke my trust by deciding to hide your weakness from me… I could have helped… I would have helped you… but you never gave me the opportunity… you never believed in me…

What good is my faith in you if you have no faith in me???
Reply AWAITED. . .

Once Yours, Now Gone…

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