Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is It Going To Be the G+ Era?

Does it beat facebook?

is it the new twitter?

OMG... do you mean linkedin on google???

to me, it looks like a clean version of facebook... they say frnship has no boundaries, so shove away the fren list, they made G+ have fren circle (is that really an improvement or juz a different name???)

wanna share bits & pieces with varied audiences??? juz mention which circle to share with... yea... fb has the customization option too... so nothin new...

wanna chat??? they have HANGOUTS... viz juz a fancy name for the already existing google video chat!

so what's new?? for easy back up option, download Picasa photo albums... it has something called sparks that helps you kill free time, provides u with something to read or watch... where does the content come from? NO CLUE!!!

initially i thought that any1 can get an insight on u via G+... now i know that u can customize the same... but i still dislike the fact that any1 can still add u to their circles... so i still am pretty inactive on it... all  ive done on G+ is try & figure it out... so do i like anything about google+ as yet??

yea.. its nick name... G+... G was my old nick name, so i like it... nah... on the serious front... i like its integration with the gmail account... but till now (Note: 10 days aint enuf time to figure something out) thaz the only + point!!!

but i really doubt if it has anyting new to offer... let time tell!!!

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