Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Low Maintenance Girl

About 2 weeks ago… my colleague, Farheen, was doing what we call a “dip stick” on personal well being… she asked Aditya, my immediate senior … “tentatively how much do you spend on your well being” & he said ZERO.. she said “expected” & turned to me… just when I was thinking, aditya answered on my behalf… “im sure zero, cuz well being dusn include your regular waxing & threading”… & I just smiled at Farheen & said, thaz true!!!

Its true… I NEVER spend for well being… all I pamper myself to is “personal hygiene” & yea, I call it pampering cuz Atul, yet another colleague points it out to me “YOU NEED blah blah blah”… I swear, I would do anything to trade off my gender… cuz if I were the opposite sex, I could evade the useless time for well being as well as related questions… unlike Atul, I wouldn’t know everything about anything when it comes to well being/hygiene… from waxing (chocolate to Brazilian) to threading (thank God he has never pointed that 1 out to me) to manicure to pedicure to blackheads to exotic massages to bleaching to facials to body spas even hair spas to I don’t even know man. His salon knowledge amuses me & my ignorance amazes him!!!

God man… I mean, all I head to a salon is for waxing & threading… that’s it… I have been a victim of severe acne & my sister & my mom get boils when they get a facial done (still they get it), so I NEVER risk with my skin… I never got a facial or a face cleaning or a face mask thingy done cuz I am so allergic to multani mitti… I don’t believe in massages cuz I know so many people who get addicted to them & cant move a bone without a massage… all I get done is a foot massage that too maybe twice a year… I even wear my own bloody makeup on my own (when I do, that is)... its not that I don’t wanna spend money on such stuff… its just that I don’t wanna punish my skin by getting into all of it in the 1st place + I like things my way… I mean, bcuz I don’t like the way most hairdressers shorten my mane, I even cut my hair on my own… I’ve made my own blunders but I have learned!!!

I am a gharelu nuska kina girl… use potato for bleach… neem paste for detox… tomato for toning… curd & pepper for cleansing… honey for shine… cucumber for de-stressing… & these happen like once in a blue moon… the only thing I do on a daily basis is use rose gel & johnsons baby cream @ moisturizing post a facewash… unlike other women, I don’t use a foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow & a lipper on a daily basis… all I wear is a liner/kajal & chap stick… manicure... pedicure... nail filing...yea right... when my nails grow this long (see pic @ right)... i cut it to the base... that's when my ring proves that its a girl's hand (i bought this 1 from my 1st job... still love it)

sometimes, when I see the pretty ladies around me, see how they look, behave (esp eat… I toh binge on food)… I really wonder why God dint make me a man… cuz a NO maintenance man is acceptable in the society… but a LOW maintenance girl faces embarrassment when people ask her “how much do you spend on personal wellbeing???”


  1. Did u go for a manicure btw??.. ;).. Well it seems so after seeing ur fingers...!!!

  2. @max: of all the people in this world... YOU are asking me a question like that... wow!

  3. Why should u get embarrassed ? .. Be comfortable in you own skin."

    Honestly, looking good is what matter..whether you go to parlor or not, which products you use hardly matters.

    If you look good, people using cosmetic products will ask you tips:)

  4. embarrassment as in when the people give u the look... OMG... you've never gotten THAT done??? :O

    & i believe that feeling good matters more than looking good... cuz u can look xcessively good under 5 layers of makeup... but you feel good only when your skin can breathe fresh air...

    & i knw u being a boy wld understand my side of the story... women still will raise their brows ;P

  5. Ws just trying 2 complement you...!!! Else I knw it all!!