Thursday, September 15, 2011

Its a Home Run!!!!

Leaving your place is the most heart-wrenching thing that one can ever do… its like standing in scorching heat… heat so hard that its difficult to breathe.. heat so hard, that you cant open your eyes… heat so hard that your head hurts as if you just got hit with a 100 pound hammer!!!

Its so hard to compare the then times when your mom used to cook for you everyday & take care of you everytime you felt sick to now when you’re sick but you gotta stand up on your own & make your own food… its so hard to compare the times when you used to get sparkling clean clothes right in your hands & you needn’t wash 1 cloth on your own, to the times when you hapta wash evry cloth on your own… clothes… you even gotta clean the house.. even the washrooms on your own…

Its not just about the rights… its also about the duties… its so sad to remember how you used to go with your mum to select the size 2 & 3 clothes for the Gods in your mandir @ every janamashtami… but you don’t go anymore… its so agitating to think that this year you are not the one who is decorating the “jhuula” for “laddo gopal”… its so sad to remember how you used to help your mom arrange her kitty party, go shopping with her for the gifts, go shopping for home decors from time to time… blah blah… in short… you miss the duties… cuz in some way, they define you!!!

No wonder they say “your heart is where your home is”...
No wonder they say “home sweet home”

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