Saturday, September 17, 2011

Shu…gar Meets the Cou...gar!!!

& she makes an appearance… so loud…  every eye on her… women wonder why she is here while the men ogle at her dress that leaves little to imagination… the super low cut one piece that shows her cleavage in the front & that's so skimpily short that it makes every guy want to caress her behind… leaves every guy high & dry!!!

Jen looks at Brad & says… she is so much older to you… how can you even look at her like that… she probably is double your age… I mean… I can say… she definitely is 40… look at how loud her makeup is… it is so “to hide her age!” & Brad says “I know, but i AM a GUY” & let go of Jen’s waist to moves towards her…

In the heat of the discotheque…  the temperature was rising even higher as there were guys swirling around her… if Brad din’t reach to her 1st, he would lose a beautiful opportunity to feel the "leh" tonight…  afterall, that’s what cougars do… wear skimpy dresses & loud makeup… head to the nearby youth hangout in search of their prey… & as soon as she lays her hands on the young thing who will give her the sugar she needs… she jumps right on to him!!!

That’s when she looked straight into Brad’s eye, looked him tip to toe & gave a thumbs up grin… so he jumped right at her… holding her by her waist as Jen watches helplessly thinking to herself, he is no different & I should just have had listened to mom when she said, “Brad is just like all other guys! He will leave you for any woman who will give it to him!”

With a tear in her eye, she turns around & walk back home while Brad tries to woo this older woman… in 20 mins, she says “you wanna have coffee… my place???”…  On the way, she tells him about herself… she sounds intellectual… but that doesn’t interest him… he says "all that matters is how beautiful you are on the inside" & means it... literally... as they reach her place… he puts on a chivalrous façade & opens the car's door… walks right behind her… but as soon as she opens the house's door, he ushers her in…  she asks him to get comfy on the couch while she makes coffee…

He thinks to himself… yea right… coffee… there’s gonna be some brewing tonight as he begins to unbutton himself… when he hears Jen’s voice from behind… “Hey Sugar… my mum’s not a cougar… all she wanted to prove was that you’re just a piece of booger!!! GET LOST NOW!!!”

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