Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go GoOgle!!!

Google has redefined the term “surfing”… nobody today says that they are surfing the Internet, they say, if you need any information “google it”. There are other search engines in the market… yahoo… bing..… but for a common man… google is "the only one" who (personified) has all the answers… what makes Google so successful?

Google is loved by customers & advertisers alike… the customers love it for the ease of its use (plus its free)… the advertisers love it as it helps influence the customers even though they (the customers) don’t realize its “selling at the advertiser’s end!” hence… google works because of its simplicity & its user friendliness!

Another reason why google works is because they never stop, they love innovations… they just keep expanding & enriching their knowledge base for the advertisers & customers alike… they keep adding more & more new stuff to their portfolio… they are just everywhere… from gmail to gtok to googlemaps to even google chrome to google trasalate… they have an answer to everything.. literally!

Also… as google follows the people first policy in their organization, their employees return the favor back by working hard… there is pressure on everyone, but everyone there is committed to deliver! i would say that i literally love google... not just the search engine... but also the company... & there could have been no better word for google... it intrinsically states go-ogle... & that's what one can do... ogle at google!

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  1. Very aptly written, i've read one of your first blogs and hopefully some more in the near future. Keep them coming!!

    Cheers Rahul!!