Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heights of Love - Prelude

Adam, a well built ANGRY man, at 6’1”, 80 kilos, bumped into the BUBBLY petite Grata, 5’2”, 52 kilos… he was someone that everyone was scared of… if he would hit someone, consider them dead… she thought she saw a giant & fainted… as he carried her in his arms towards his car to take her to the hospital, he thought in his head, she is almost weightless… so tiny & miniature… for some reason he smelled her dark wavy hair… the sun shone on her face & he noticed how her kajal went from side to side & how her lips were puckered up just like the dolls… he could wrap her tiny little waist in the openings of his hands… he had always detested short people… but he just couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was…

When she regained consciousness, he asked her ‘her name’ & she fainted again… the doctor’s said, she probably got frightened by you… fluttered & frustrated he hit home & ran his 0 no. shaver on his head (in irritation) along with his beard… the next morning he returned again to see her… from a distance… she was chattering away with the doctors & other patients.. she had the cutest smile & prettiest eyes… he smiled to self.. had he fallen in love??? can a man his size ever fall in love with a girl that size? But more importantly, if she was so scared of him, how could he ever pursue her? Is this how it was supposed to be… his 1st love… with someone so incompatible that he cannot even take it forward 1 step?
He stalked her a while… until he knew everything she did… when she did & where she did… he hated the traffic… but to time his car next to hers’, he even started taking the traffic route & time… she was a rash driver… & to be able to see her while maintaining the speed, he almost had accidents everyday… she saw his car inevitably everyday… could not see the whole of him… but knew he had a cute smile… & that tiny brown mole at the top of his lips, made him so attractive… sometimes when they were stuck in traffic next to each other, they realized that they both check each other out… they sometimes exchanged glances & at other times, a smile…

She was a little crazy… people used to be frustrated when stuck in traffic… she seemed to enjoy her music & almost dance during the stoppages… & on one fine stoppage when she was literally dancing to DJ got us fallin’ in love “again”… he tapped at her window to ask why did she faint when he bumped into her the 1st time… as she rolled down the window, he instantly kissed her lips & said I love you! She stayed in a moment of freeze to gather what just happened… before she could react, he pulled open her door & said, “I know you don’t know me enough, but I somehow know we are meant to be…”

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