Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bombastic LOVE

their love was like a fairytale... so immense & intense... he was like the perfect prince... loved her like crazy...  “stop staring at me when im sleeping” Elle said… but she loved the way he loved her... & Pete loved to watch her sleep… loved to run his fingers through her beautiful curly tresses flowing like waves… to admire her dark long eyelashes… the way her mouth looked when she was fast asleep… the way she curled up like a baby… she was an angel in her sleep!!! He was gonna miss her… today was the last time he could see her sleep… until they reunite again… could be 6 months… could be 6 weeks… the life of a sailor took him to far FAR lands… to even think of 6 months on the ship… made his heart weak!!! but they both knew, he made her smile when he was around & his thoughts would made her smile when he'd be gone!

“stop it” she said “you gotta wake up early tomorrow”… he kissed her lips & hugged her to sleep… the next morning he woke up & she was not in bed… she woke up early to pack his bags so he was all set… she even got his breakfast in bed… she looked at him gently & said with a beautiful smile “rise & shine hon!” & so he did… “my beautiful angel… so strong & full of love…” he thought when she said with tenderness in her voice “you know im gonna miss u… I LOVE YOU! If I could stop you from going I would have”... 

He pulled her to bed… kissed her neck & said “baby, you can visit me at each of my stops… im gonna mail you everyday… & im gonna call you at every opportunity!” his 1st stop was at Thailand… she could not come to meet, but they spoke for hours each day over the phone!!! & then when he joined back the ship… they exchanged letters everyday… she was to fly down for his 3rd stop at LA (it was 4 months since they met) & so she did… they had some good LA fun… & he kicked off again… he wrote his 1st mail… but no reply… he wrote the 2nd… still no reply… he bombarded her mail box… & no reply… he called her at his next stop… but number not in service… he kept trying… could not even reach her folks…

It had been over a month but no response… what had happened… was she ok… was she alive… he checked her return flight details… she never returned home… he used all his power to find out what happened to her… maybe she was fooled into carrying someone else’s luggage that had drugs in it… he checked jails on jails… but no luck… when he returned back from his sail, he met her neighbors… they told him that her folks were summoned to LA in a hustle… no one knew anything… he was sure; it’s a drug case… so he took a flight to LA to set his angel free…

No jail had any record of her… but he found out where her folks were staying somehow… as he rang the doorbell; Elle opened the door to his surprise… he hugged her so tight & asked her what happened… she pushed him away & told him about this guy she met after seeing him off that day & how he sweeped her off her feet… he was smart.. charming… educated… intelligent… witted… bought her expensive gifts… treated her well… & was a pilot… “there are times when he too has to travel… for days… but it never is 6 months at a stretch here or there… what we have is bombastic & fantastic!!!”

Pete: “but I love you!!!”
Elle: “I’ve loved you too… but now I love Hayden!”
Pete: “I wish you knew the difference between this bombastic love & our TRUE LOVE”
Elle: “sometimes love alone is not enough to survive a lifetime!”
Pete: “sometimes love is all that you got!” & he walked away!


  1. Rauuullll : " Sometimes love is all that you have as a memory".:)

    P.S. I think we already discussed it once. Nevertheless,I will repeat... If its love its true. Its wrong to put 'true' and 'love' together else you believe in concept of fading love ( which I term as infatuation/crush blah blah blah )

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  3. @Rahul: every1 does not have the same perception as you my friend!
    @ashwin sir: a) it is fiction sir
    b) did you notice the names were outta M'chef ;D

  4. Sailors life like dat. Every 1 belives they will find there true luv sometime. But wen a sailor finds his true luv, luv takes centuries to belive its true or a fling. But only knows howz it to luv n get luved. But d luv thinks sailor will set d sails n leave. N wat luv dosen understand is dat once a sailor sets his sails he only wishes d wind take him back to d luv. Even in a storm.

  5. @max: thanks
    @dhawal: i guess so... btw... yes... i was inspired to write by the fact that u guys sail off from time to time for months together.. but i swear... i had no pun intended... & i hope that it will never be u guys ka story ever!!!