Monday, March 10, 2014

Wrote To Fly & Won #Goibibo

The thing about a Business trip is – well... you go places.. attend the conference.. head home!

The thing about Goa is – who goes to Goa on a business trip?
Well I did – what I did at the business trip (Wednesday – Friday) is boring... all I did is within the walls of Marriott’s.. & then I thought to myself.. I cannot do this.. I am in Goa “the fun place”... so I put up a facebook update “Anyone in Goa?” & extended my stay till Monday morning & the only thing on my mind was partying! So I hailed a taxi & told the cabbie to take me to a happening place in Goa.. & off we were to Britto’s@Baga Beach... While I was getting outta the cab, I got a call from a friend’s friend (thanks to FB) & he told me he is Goa... “Great, let’s meet” I said.. he responded with “Cool.. if you come to Baga.. lemme know”.. “I am at Baga”, I exclaimed... “Oh great.. I’m at Britto’s with my frenz.. are you nearby?” was this a coincidence or what? & he introduced me to his gang.. I gate crashed a stranger’s party.. & the funny part is, they all welcomed me with open arms! I made friends with my friend’s friend’s friends... & Right from that moment, it was helluva ride!
& it started with Karaoke.. right beside Britto’s is a Karaoke bar.. right in front is the Baga beach.. where we din’t just wet our feet.. we actually took the whole dive! Who cares about the running mascara when you’re having so much fun!

I checked outta Marriott’s the next morning & checked into the resort they were staying at (Nazri).. of course you cannot compare Nazri with Marriott’s... but the fact is.. North Goa is more fun when you share your room with likeminded people; than when you just enjoy the luxuries at a 5 star. We headed off to a place called The Synq... we danced all night... with strangers from across the globe... In Goa.. nobody cares if you are an Indian or Portuguese or Latin or American.. as long as you smile & dance with them... That day.. I made a bunch of friends with people from across the globe. After all the dancing, I & my new found friends headed to the Sinquerim beach... & then we hit the Anjuna beach too... we played in the waters like free dogs & buried our bodies in the sand like a bunch of 5 year olds.. we danced without any music like love struck teenagers.. sang like we are American Idols.. counted stars like we actually could & then, we saw the sun rising as it kissed the waters.. that’s when we decided to head home!

We had a 3 o clock brunch the next day... the Goan fish like everyone says is to die for... & then we hit the Aguada fort... the weather was warm & so were the people... no matter where I looked, there were smiles... almost everyone there was celebrating their friendship.. & is there a more perfect way to do the same than the classic dil chahta hai pose at the DCH fort? We hit the Aguada beach right after... Tried to sneak into Taj.. failed miserably.. So we boarded our scooties to head back home to change into some party clothes.. I actually learned how to ride a scooty while coming back...

After we were all dressed up.. I even drove to a place called LPK – Love Passion Karma... The non-dancer in me danced all night & on a pole.. day before, I made friends... this day.. I made fans! With the amount of pole dancing I did.. LPK could actually pay me for being their showstopper “star attraction”!!! That night we relived last night all over again at the Candolim beach.. the dancing.. the singing.. the water.. the sand castles.. the stars & then the SUN.. that’s when I realized.. I have a flight to catch!!!

This post was written for the goibibo #writetofly contest.. & lookie I won!!! :D

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