Saturday, March 15, 2014

You Love Who You Love!

Is hard to find.
Yet I see it everyday, all around me.

It empowers you.
Yet, I have seen how it over-powers everyone.

Won't you just do anything for it?
How far would you go? Would you go a thousand miles?

Love knows no boundaries.. no caste... no creed...
Love knows no riches.. no poverty.. no lies.. no politics...
Love knows no skin color... no language barriers...
All love knows is you love who you love!

These are the things we have heard... I mean seriously.. how many of us believe love knows none of the a fore mentioned!

Funny as it may sound.. I do... I believe in all of it.. cuz in spite of the fact that I am yet to find the one true love... the fact is.. I know that its there... cuz i see it all around me... & i see it everyday!

I see it when my mother smiles at my dad when he comes home & asks him how was your day... its not funny man.. they have been married for 30+ years... I see it when my father tells me he secretly has been stacking up some cash to give mum a surprise on their anniversary... its really not funny.. we are a family that migrated from poor to middle just about a few years ago... I see it when we order from outside when dad is not around... not funny again.. mum loves to cook, but doesn't feel like when dad isen't around.

All of the love knows no boundaries.. caste... creed etc. are true for them... Dad is far south - Malayalee.. mother is right up top - Sindhi.. dad speaks Malayalam.. mum speaks Hindi... Dad only knows there are Hindus & Christians... Mum talks of Sindhi & sub castes in Sindhis... Dad is dark as night.. mum is white as day... dad ran to delhi to overcome poverty... mum used to wear designer sun glasses before she was even working... dad did not know what aalu ka parantha is & mum had never cooked in coconut oil... but the fact is, you love who you love! & dad loves mom & mom loves dad!
Can you see the love in their eyes?

I see them romance everyday & I wonder how they did it... if someone asks me to let go of the amenities that I enjoy everyday & settle down with someone in a rented 1 room acco where I have to cook & wash & clean & scrub all by myself; just for the sake of love.. i wonder how I would feel? I wonder if I can actually do it just for the sake of love... i wonder how my mother felt & i wonder how strong the love was/is to leave all the good stuff behind.. if someone tells me that i will have to buy a house, raise a child, make money & also pursue a degree just so i can give a better life to someone I love.. i wonder how I would feel? I wonder if I'd be capable enough to do it for the sake of love.. i wonder just how my dad felt & i wonder how strong the love was/is to not crack under such pressure! i really wonder how they did it.. cuz it is commendable.. yes, there are the Tatas & the Birlas & the Ambanis... but they did not raise me... they are not my super dad... they are not my super mum... my own folks are... cuz to maintain being in love across all the hardships needs super strength.

My dad recently discovered that my mother loves ice-cream & ever since he discovered the same, he brings her ice-cream every summer night... that's love.. black suits white people, but my dad hates the color, so my mother never buys anything black irrespective of how much she loves it... that's love.. I wonder if i will ever be able to love like that... love so strong that no matter how many odds are against you... you stand strong... love so true that you accept the whole of the person, not just the things you love, but also the things you don't... love so simple that its visible in every smile & every tear drop! i wonder if i'll ever have such as love??? & if i do.. will i actually be able to go that far... but I guess when you love like that... it takes you far & beyond your imagination.. everyone deserves that kinda love.. everyone needs that kinda love!

This post has been written for the "Go further to get closer" contest.
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  1. Replies
    1. Im so glad that you liked it...
      it is a fact that in spite of everything that happens all around us.. there still are people who love each other & value the love...
      & I'm blessed to have them in such close proximity.

    2. Yepp. The simple thing such as respecting each other and giving value to the person goes a longgg way :) I'm blessed in that manner too :D