Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giggles & Cackles

Do you remember the time... when all that there was in this world was giggles & cackles...
do you remember the time.. when you were actually the center of this universe...
do you remember the time... when you could do just about anything, even snort & get away with it...
do you remember that time???

wasn't life so wonderful then?
when all that was expected out of you was laughing?
when the motto of each & every person around you was just to see you giggle one more time...
when you would step into a room & all you heard was awwwwww...
& all life had was gugus & gagas & gigies.. oh! & hugs & kisses all the time...

how we grow up & stop being loved like that?
how we grow older & stop loving like that?
how things change.. you get embarrassed if you laugh & suddenly snort...
how things change... people stare at you when your heart aches & you begin to cry...
how things change... when you fall, people try to control their laughter & just walk by...
how things change... you try so hard but the innocence is lost...

how did things change???

why did things change???
isn't life all about the giggles & cackles?


  1. Laughter is contagious, and you're killing me with this video :D haha even my little bro would laugh when i would tear paper off.

    1. your little baby is that small??? awwww <3

    2. Well my brother is ten right now, but he would do that when he was young!
      Omg my baby? I has no baby yet :p

    3. :|
      typo.. i meant baby brother...
      10.. so he still is cute <3

    4. Yeah I get to watch cartoon with him so I stay updated in that world :D

  2. Lovely post...giggling and cackling :)

    1. Thank you Kokila... it so glad it brought a smile to you... :)

  3. It reminds me of a quote
    "You don't stop laughing as you grow old
    You grow old as you stop laughing"
    Well written, missing my own kiddo cuteness :P

    1. I absolutely agree with the quote.. no wonder i feel age is just a number ;P
      We don't realize what a privilege it is that God has gifted us with laughter & happiness... & we can exercise these privileges as our heart wants, when our heart wants, for no reason at all.

  4. true and that's life I guess....It's a lovely post.