Thursday, March 6, 2014

Heights of Love… #YouLoveMeButNeverWannaSeeMeAgain!!!

They say, its funny but you find what you are looking for, at the very last place you look…

Its NOT funny i say… it's definitely not ironical… & I’m definitely not being cynical… what I mean to say is… we stop looking when we find it… its obvious it’s right at the last place we look! The thing is.. when you find what you are looking for… you know… THIS IS IT!

Henry had been the perfect gentleman… he would open doors for Grata… he would be absolutely protective... hold her hand & walk on the traffic side of the roads… take her by the shoulders when crossing… drop her right to her place & escort her inside… everybody loved Henry… from Mel to Scott… even Nina & Bob... who met him just once... & drove Grata crazy baddgering her to date him… Nina said “what??? If I wasn’t with Bob… I would have wanted him… he looks awesome… bad boy looks with the good boy behavior… is nice & adorable” “is boooooooorrring” added Grata! Grata’s parents loved him… her sister loved him.. the only problem was… he was not the end of the search for Grata!!!

But Henry was good for her & she had gotten better… with the craziness coming back to her… she had started doing the stupid bubbly things she usually did…

one day... as she saw the lengthiest line at Starbucks, she walked upto the guy right at the front & very cutely said, “would you mind getting me an Apple Pie Frappuccino, pleeeease?” & as the guy smiled at her, the old hag behind sternly said, “flirt your way out somewhere else… you’re not getting her that drink SON!” Absolutely flushed, Grata smiled & decided to get in line… 3 stops ahead & Adam pulls her out of the line & hands her the Apple Pie Frappuccino!

He said, “you’re weird, I hope you know that” as he walked away from her… Grata ran after him, tugging him by his shirt “I wanna know wh-y were you there that dawn & who were those people?” he replied, “look lady, I know I said I love you… but now im saying I never wanna see you again… & for the record, im a vocalist & not a lot of guys can handle their lovers swooning over another man!!!”

#TrailOfThoughts //what does he mean by that??? am i swooning over him?? huh.. & even if i were... who is watching me?? Henry???// "Don't walk away from me" she murmured as she looked around for Henry... but Adam kept walking... away... "Don't you dare walk away from me Mister..." she raised her voice... "Hey Y O U" she screamed!

Adam turned around, red in his face... "I demand an explanation... I deserve an explanation" she said from the distance... Adam walked right upto her... bent down so his face was parallel to hers.. "Why?" *blink "Why do you want an explanation? Why do you DESERVE an explanation?" She wanted to kiss him... but she looked straight into his eyes... "Because I do.. & you know it".. Adam straightened his back.. took her by her hand.. opened the door to his Impala.. signaled her to get in.. held her take away Frappuccino cup while she got in.. handed it back to her.. closed the door... walked to the other side as she watched him.. & got into the driver's seat... "Should I drop you back home?" he queried!

She brought her knees up.. folded.. & sat crossed legged on the co-drivers seat... pulled out the customized cup holder... kept the cup... crossed her arms & said "I need to pick up my Boxter from the garage, 2 blocks from here.. I can walk.. but I am not going anywhere until you tell"... Adam got rid of his Man U cap & ran his hand on his shaved head "well.. the day we met.. rather that morning... when you saw me beat up those 2 guys... it was entirely self-defense... we had performed in a near by pub.. some girls were absolutely drunk & were getting all over me when I was getting a drink post our performance... 2 guys tried to challenge me for tryna get fresh with their girls.. I said, I'm not interested.. & actually walked outta the bar... the guys followed me out & tried to take me down... I gave it back them.. probably when you saw me.. so that!" //Pause

He unfolded her hands... took her hand... removed the Frappuccino from the cup holder... & placed it in the opening of her hand... "Now drink up your Apple Pie Frappuccino" (he mimicked the Apple Pie Frappuccino in the same cute flirtatious manner in which Grata had requested the guy who stood 2 people ahead of Adam at Starbucks) & then he became angry "Does that work for you? Flirting?" & pat Grata responded "Almost always... Are you planning to steal my thunder???" & she giggled in a way that made Adam's heart melt... he wanted to kiss her... right now... but he just drove her the 2 blocks to her garage instead.

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