Monday, April 18, 2011


“I Love you”, he said, with sincerity in his voice & looked at her as if without her, he would die… He continued to say, “somehow I know, deep inside my heart, you are the only one for me! I would rather die, than live without you! You are my own angel… sent from the heavens above… just so I can love! Accept my love… & I shall love you for eternity… I shall love you till death does us apart… Be my love till the end, cuz my love for u is all I got!”

She looked at him sternly & said “What you say is very flattering, but even if I’m with you, you’d still die!” he looked at her all puzzled… she put on a sweet smile to her beautiful face & said “Love is for the heart, it doesn’t cater to the stomach… with just love, we’d any which way die! Romance won’t last a lifetime “without food”, in fact, it won’t even last a decade… I’d rather be alive & loveless than to be loved by you!”

He turned around & walked back with his head stooped low… He lay in his bed sleepless at nights… the pain killing him everyday… I love her so much, I’d do anything for her… why can she not understand… money can buy you everything in this world but true happiness… my love can give her true happiness… why doesn’t she love me? I know I can conquer the whole world if only she is with me! I wish she could turn around… turn around see me cry… I wish she knew how much I love her… I would give anything for her… but I wish for her, every happiness, even if she thinks she will find it without me!!! I just hope she remembers me fondly, in her memories as the guy who loves her!!!

What he did not know is, that she loved him just as much… maybe even some more… but what is the intensity of his love… she wasn’t sure… she wanted to hear “I’d rather spend 10 days of life with you, than spend a lifeless lifetime alone!!!”… so she told him that she’d rather be loveless, when actually, about money, she couldn’t care less… it broke her heart to see him turn around & walk away… she thought to herself he never loved me truly anyway… cuz if he did, he would pursue me against all odds… he wouldn’t have chosen the easy way out by simply walking away!!!


  1. Someone comes to u..says something with honesty n is shunned..
    Inspite of appreciating honesty , courage n simplicity of his words...someone breaks his heart....
    He doesnt know what she thinks of him...He is dying with pain...He loves her badly ..but the girl says No to him...
    So what should he do..he should keep crying n keep chasing her with a hope dat someday HASEENA MAAN JAAYEGI :O
    U never lose in love..bcoz love is not a game... So u dont love to achieve ur love n flaunt it...its abt expressing urself truly with heart once n den wait for the other person to come back 2 u if its d same both ways :)

  2. This is to get the email for follow up comments...I as usual forgot to check d box :D

  3. in love, u never loose... cuz love makes u stronger than ever...
    but u must ensure.. no misunderstandings crop up... ever!!!

  4. first line u wrote i in u dont lose in love..i believe in dat..

    second line ...misunderstandings :O
    I didnt get what u trying to say...

  5. i mean you should never leave any room for personal interpretations... :)

  6. Geet...Its really a nice work....
    you know..its easy to break a heart and really tough to bring back to the initial stage..
    anyway your words were having a life in it as it was an true experience..

  7. "Everytime when the cloud of pain loomed..
    a tear filled my eyes..
    when this lonely heart was scared..
    i told my heart..
    why you cry for this reason?
    this happens everywere in the world..

    ----Javed Akthar

    Dedicated to Geet and Rahul..

  8. hey...
    im glad to knw u were touched by my words...
    but it wasent a true experience.. i just feel very strongly for everything & everyone arnd me...
    i even cry in the lamest of movies... must have been one of those time... & ur dedication to me & to Rahul here is "i believe" very apt for everyone! :)
    thanks :)

  9. Hey.. Thanks for the dedication...
    Its really difficult to get back to normal after being heart broken, very few people manage to console themselves by saying " it happens everywhere in this world".

    @Geets : Ironically, Nice to know that u r active online n at the same time disappointed to realize u didnt reply to my messages..

  10. been busy...
    havent even blogged in a long time!