Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dream On…

Everyone dreams… everyday… it’s a well established fact… you see between 4 – 7 dreams every night… just that, you tend to remember some… & forget some… dreaming is how your brain collates all of what is happening in your life & presents it to you in a manner that calls for immediate attention!!!

Sometimes, you see a nightmare & wake up sweating… sometimes you have these recurring dreams with the same people, same story line, saaame theme… sometimes in your dream you find answers to question you just couldn’t answer when you were awake… sometimes you dream up your future… & sometime you have these epic dreams that are so grand that it just changes your life, your thinking!!!

Dreams always mean something… always!!! im sure we all have dreamed of running because we are being chased… mostly, we don’t see who/what is chasing us… actually, being chased in your dream represents your way of coping with fear, stress or various situations in your waking life… you’re just running away & avoiding it… &, a dream always has a lesson… we need to sit & gain an insight on who is this attacker… next time, turn around & confront your pursuer… you may be surprised to see that it could even be a part of you… your anger, jealously, love... any part of you!!!

Im not making this up… I actually read up a book on interpreting dreams bcuz I have been having really bad dreams off late… one day I saw myself die a painful death… but that dint make me read the book… since the past 1 n a ½ months, I have been dreaming of my ex accepting that he was wrong & begging for forgiveness… but that dint urge me to read the book either… but day before, I literarily woke up in flames cuz I saw my own blood sister die… I told every1 in the family, cuz apparently if you tell people such stuff, it doesn’t happen… but I couldn’t find peace… so I read up this book ONLINE!!!

Apparently, seeing yourself die symbolizes involvement in a deeply painful relationship &/or inner changes, transformation, self-discovery & positive development that is happening within you or in your life… a recurring dream about my ex apologizing has got nothing to do with him… its how I perceive as what he should be feeling or doing… & to see death of a loved one suggests that you lack an aspect or quality that your loved one embodies... Yeah, my sister is younger to me by 6, but much more mature… so I know what I lack!!! Although death dreams may bring out fear or anxiety, they are often considered a positive signal… nothing to bell the alarm!!!

So I guess the way to live is… Dream on… & come on… learn something outta it as well… afterall… if your brain is taking so much pain to give signals to your sub-conscious side “even when you’re asleep”… interpret the damn signal & give the brain some credit/reward for all the hard work it did last night!!!


  1. I guess in dreams..the sub-conscious side takes over the control many times...n i do believe that some dreams everynite v c r a result of what v r thinking about whole day consciously or sub-consciously..
    I have experienced it myself...N dere was a day a year back when I woke up n smiled because I had only good dreams dat nite :) ...So i knew i was making good progress.

    the only thing i find difficult to figure out is why when I wake up I remember some dreams whereas i must have had many many dreams..

  2. well according to the book...
    everyone when asleep, is dreaming... but u CANT be dreaming if ur SNORING...

    so probably u snore & hence see few dreams... ha ha ha ha.. lol...
    nah... actually it says... that we tend to remember only those dreams that we see in a half awake state... so if u remember ur dream.. so, u remember some bcuz u were sort of awake during that dream & were actively participating & getting involved in the decisions... ;P