Friday, April 22, 2011

The Only Way Out!!!

He looked her in the eye & said “you’re the best thing that could happen to me! If im to loose you, I would be the biggest loser on this Earth!” she smiled gently at looked back at him & said sweetly “you’re not a loser… I have faith in you… you will never loose me!” he said “I may not be the best choice for you, but you are the best & you deserve the best! I dunno if ill ever be able to have a decent job, a decent life… I wanna make sure you have all of that… so if you feel ever, that I wont be able to keep you happy, you can move on… I will always be committed to you… but you will always be free!”
That is the sweetest thing one can say ever… right??? What the EFF!!! Lovers… don’t be deceived… cuz that is the cheesiest thing one can tell you to get rid of you & stay in your good books… Now, if you don’t wanna be the baddy, & tell them on their face that they don’t interest you anymore & u really wanna get outta this, then, there are two ways of doing it…

1. Be the nice person… roll the ball into the others’ court…
 “its not u… its me…” “you’re just perfect… the issue is me…” “im so jealous of the person who will get to marry you!!!” “im not good enough for you… you can get any person in the whole world”… make them feel as if you’re doing it for them… for their happiness… make them believe that u genuinely believe that they are just amazing & that you don’t stand anyplace in comparison!!! This is the best way to do it.. if it works… most men consider women the dumb species, & “label” them dumb when they buy this 1… but, but, but, women tend to buy this one because either they themselves are bored of you or they actually think you’re not good enough for them!!! Women can’t do away with men this way… they gotta do reverse psychology… nag… nag… nag… nag to the limit… so that the men wanna break up & end up saying the above mentioned… infact… ensure that you keep dropping some bombs every now & then… to ensure they don’t even try & get back… leave nasty messages & then apologize; so they think you’re a psycho & it was a right decision to leave you!!!

2. Act helpless… fire through the parents shoulders… & make the other the baddy…
“I love you… our parents will hapta understand”… then, when you’re able to convince your parents, “im so glad you were able to convince your parents… will you come along with me when I talk to mine???”… after telling parents about the lover but not being sure if it’s the right time, “my parents are not agreeing, they say its not right… I think you should move on!!!”… when you speak to the parents that the other wanted you to meet when they talk to them about you two “my parents are offended… they say they will die but wont let this happen… I love you so much but you spoiled it all by talking to them… you took away the last hope… why did you do this.. now there is no scope… this has to end… you were my everything… now I will hapta live my life all alone… & when my parents will want me to marry & they will get to know that I wont because still I love you, then they will hate me!!!”  This is a bad way to end it… but this will make the other either guilt conscious or angry… in any case, either they will be too ashamed to talk to you again or too angry to ever wanna see your face again… whatever… it still works!!!

In short, KISSing it… when breaking up, you can either be bad or nice… & if you wanna deceive yourself & the world that you’re nice, then you will hapta either pretend to be bad & make the other nice… or you will hapta pretend to be nice & make the other bad!

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