Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To Change… Or to Love???

You know… like I just said… the best thing about life is… it is only you… & the best thing about you is… it is obviously you dodo… the best way to live life is to love yourself… the second best way is to love those who truly love you… these could include your parents… your sibling… your lover… even your best friend… you know the best thing about these kinna people who love you truly & unconditionally? Well, they know you inside out… they not just know the best things about you… they also know your flaws… & the best part is… they actually love you for your flaws… they love you the way you are… they don’t expect you to change… not even by a centimeter…

so… if you believe you love somebody… think through… do you love them for everything that they do… do you love them inspite of each & every flaw of theirs??? Do you love them when they act like a complete doofus in front of friends & family? Do you love them inspite of the fact that they act like a douchebag when angry??? Do you expect them to change for you? Do you expect them not to flirt with another, even healthy flirting is a problem? Do you have a problem with them adding random people they don’t know, just because they have multiple common friends? Do you expect them to change in terms of anything? Do you like everything about them… their dressing style? The way they sit? The way they talk? The way they act? The way the behave? The way they think? Do you ACTUALLY love everything about them?

If yes… then volla… you found your true love… but ill tell you what… most people under this sun, just love one person on this earth… there is only one person, who they care for like crazy… there is only one person they love so much that they don’t wanna change one thing about them!!! This one person is they themselves… it’s a fundamental fact… they are not narcissist… because they don’t blabber about themselves all day long… they are not selfish… its ones’ fundamental right to love oneself… they are not shallow… they just haven’t found their true love… & when they find their true love… they change on their own… they wanna change on their own… they wanna be a better person… so don’t try & change another for you… love them for exactly the way they are… if there are any gaps… they will fill up on their own… J


  1. agreed :)

    Just one thing...true love happens once in lifetime...u have to be extremely lucky to fall in true love again..as in finding the dream guy/girl again in dis big world..volla ...u r lucky :D

  2. true love only happens once... everythin else is just a compromise! you cant truly love twice!

  3. arre waah..i didnt expect u to be sharing this thought of mine :)
    same same :D

  4. once you give yourself to one fully... you loose a part of you to them... you're never complete to love again truly... it has to be justa compro.

  5. rightly put by u :) totally agree with u...
    But I do believe dat some1 will come again in ur life who will complete u for life :)

  6. u know.. life is like a puzzle... if you lose a piece... you can never be complete... & im not talkn abt me... m talkn abt every1!

  7. n am also talking abt every1...
    Dere is a reason dat u dont give ur best again for sometime..reason is u r scared...But with time some1 steps in to ur life n u start feeling the same..I do believe in dat.. :)