Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ishq… Ek Dum Filmy Style!

They say, “upar wala sabki jodi bana k bhejta hai!”… God always pairs you beforehand… they also say “jab tumhay tumhara sacha humsafar mil jaega toh tumhay apnay aap pata chal jaega”… when you meet your true soul mate, you will get to know on your own…

I swear, every girl dreams of being treated like a princesses by her lover… even tomboys like me… so don’t gimme the saari ladkiyan aisi nai hoti hai (not all girls are like this) shit… every girl dreams that her guy should remember dates, bring her flowers, hug her & kiss her gently & say “I love you” like a million times… every girl wants the fairytale kina story… but F**K man… this is real life… aisa kabhi nai hota (this never happens)!!!

Movies mei dekha hai… (seen in the movies, esp the SRK 1s)… if a girl loves a guy, toh who palat k zaroor dekhegi (she will definitely turn around to have a look at him)… most guys follow this, so I as a general rule ensure I don’t do this even if I like a guy. :P also, they say, you will be alone in the crowd... it will just be you & him… everyone & everything around you will disappear… it will be magical… everything will be just perfect… like picture perfect… & yea, slow motion too… blah blah… WTF???

So, one day my sister told me… I was at the GK metro station, texting back & forth, in full tension… Shivangi was runnin late… Nancy was stuck at IP because Parul sir was yet to come… it was hot, thank God I was wearing a white tee… it was hot man, but in all this irritation, agitation & the back & forth texting, i suddenly looked down…

& he looked up… our eyes just met… locked with each other… & suddenly the busy metro station was a deserted staircase, with me at the top & he at the bottom just gazing at each other… it was as if the whole world was on mute & the only sound was the melodious music from a 100 synchronized violins & saxophones… His beige color 3/4th & the black & white checked shirt so beautifully complimented his 5’9” height & fair complexion…

for 2 whole hours (which actually were just 2 minutes, the 2 hours is the slow motion effect)… there was nothing around but them & then, just like in the movies… in the freakin’ hot weather, cool wind blew & the breeze ran through her hair as both of them looked at each other & she just wished that this moment would pause & stay like this forever… oh… is it love… she implored & closed her eyes in a prayer… & God said “this baby, is your true soul mate!” & when she opened her eyes, she saw him inside the metro… she wanted to jump in too & be with him forever & ever… but stupid Shivangi & Nancy… Grrrrrrrrrrrr… she had to wait for them… but the question remains unanswered… is it love? Is it love? Is it love? Is it love?

To be continued… if he IS actually what my sister believes AS her true love!!!


  1. Chorrrr....
    copied d idea of movie dialogues from my blogs :P :P :P

  2. na na na rauuul...
    this is a REAL STORY...
    happened with my sister...
    i was supposed to write about it abt 2 weeks back...
    just kept forgettn! :P

  3. Story real hogi..
    But style to mera hai na likhne ka...isliye CHorrrrrrrrr :P

  4. ive written posts like these b4.. check..
    im 100% original :P

  5. rehne do...
    maan not going to file a case of plagiarism against u... :P
    U r a cheater....cheater....cheater... :D

  6. naa..Indian laws r partial towards girls :P ...

  7. what happened next??..I knw u r d best whn it comes to writing...!!!!
    Even beyond that..!!

  8. dhenchu dint see him again... as yet!