Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bully in Me!

Ever noticed how some people bully the weaker ones??? They hit with hand and with words... why? why do they do so? I always get upset when i see someone bullying somebody else... sometimes, i even stand up for the one being bullied, but everytime i do that, it reminds me of the bully that i once was!

I was a tomboi (tomboy) at school, i had not choice! i could not understand then the concept of grooming... all i knew is that there are three types of women... ladies (the groomed ones), nerdy ladies (the ungroomed ones who still acted like ladies) and tombois... as i did not fit into the 1st two categories... i was a tomboi! i still am one... i still dont comb my hair on a daily basis, i still dont try to look pretty... (though i can, makeup does wonders to everyone, and trust me, if you wanna look pretty and have spectacles, you better wear lenses)... ok... so i diverged from the topic... the point is that then, i was (and still am) a tomboi who was frustrated with life (this part is not true anymore) cuz i was not a princess (trust me, all teenagers wanna be princesses)... So to vent out my frustration, i picked on a nerd.

I made a jingle for her... (hindi: tumko dekha toh yeh khayaal aaya... tumko dekha toh yeh khayaal aaya... chashmay aur badboo ko kisnay banaya)... i would trip her so she'd fall flat on her face (i did this more than twice at least)... laugh loud at her when she'd walk by... in short, I made her life miserable... it helped me vent out my frustration!!! It did not really make me feel good, but if you're aware of the concept of relativeness, you can make out that it made me feel relatively better to know that someone is worse than me! Man, I was such a jackass then! I was the type 1 pathetic (saddist)... the type who are pathetic themselves... and enjoy to make other people lives evn more pathetic!!!

The best part of life is we move on... and we change for the better (hopefully), so did i... am i'm happy to say that i donot bully anyone anymore to vent out my frustration! :)

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