Friday, July 24, 2009

A new beginning!!!

ohkay... so all those of you who know me... also know that i have made the silliest mistakes in life... 1 of the biggest ones being this: Most people today (in the recession age) are kicked outta there offices... i being the over confident fool... kicked my job instead... why?? cuz chennai was real humid & i love my mom's cooking!!! the 2nd reason is probably the only reason! anyways, after landing back here in delhi and not finding a reasonable job, my folks decided that i need to study again...

An essential component to a new beginning is feet (ofcourse Lord Ganesha's feet)... here at Amity, i found 2 pairs of feet... i just don't know who they are of???

But, I still am an ultimate optimist... i am hoping i get blessed twice, thanks to the 2 pairs of feet!! :) Luck has already favoured me... I am in the last section... I was the last roll number... thankfully, more people got added after me!!! and one of my teacher's openly commented "This is the dullest of the 5 sections I am teaching!" Lord knows... just what comes next!


  1. hahaha im roaring with in luv with the last line..n soo typical you ya..will u stop cribbing and get on with what u have..n dis is ur lyf for the next 2 yrs..n hey im jus being logical ok..

  2. So..finally u hv also started ur that you have learned (not learnt :P) ID, am sure u can show ur writing skills here :)
    All the best!
    Waise i hv some doubts abt this post..i'll confirm tht 4m u on phone..not in public..hehe :)

  3. not cribbing... just venting out my thoughts!

  4. maine ek comment pehle bhi diya tha ispe kahan hai? u deleted? X-(..

  5. waise mast likhti hai tu.. ye likha tha tab.. nevr knew u express that good :)

  6. nai yaar... main bhala teray comment kyu delet karungi... n thanku sooooooooooooo mucha!!!