Monday, July 27, 2009

BSB Mania!

At a major award function, Pamela Anderson once said "Please welcome the beautiful Backstreet boys"... I think that was funny... they are boys... are they even supposed to be beautiful???

But anyways, I was so in love with them, I din't care what anyone in the world though about them... For all those of you who know me since my seventh grade know that this blog would be incomplete untill i write about my beloved backstreet boys... I was what anyone would call "CRAZY" about them... i fought with some of my best freinds just because they din't like BSB and would say negative things about them... I couldn't bear it... Pichli gali de launday... all backstreet boys are gay... i remember it all... it used to hurt... i used to actually come home and cry...

i used to watch television for hours and switch between 3-4 music channel just to see a bsb song... i bought all the damn books, the magazine, the newspapers, the posters, anything that had bsb on them... i even have the backstreet boys secret diary (limited edition)... it ate atleast 3 months pocket money! infact i still have all of it... i dont have enough heart to throw it all away!

Then, i would not even blink my eyes once during the entire video... and if there would be some program dedicated to bsb, I would study extra hours so my mom would lemme watch the whole damn thing!! i would avoid meeting up with frenz if a bsb show would clash with that time... i was heart broken when i got to know that nick carter was once going around with paris hilton, and many more women later... people would count sheep when they have trouble sleeping, i would make up dreams about backstreet boys (i was a kid then, please do not run your wild imagination here)... makes me feel just how stupid we can be as kids!!!

Then i grew up... the band broke down... Brian Littrell (the lead singer of bsb) came out with a new album.. i dint buy it... i thought i got over the bsb mania... i was happy... i finally grew up!!!

Then Nick Carter came up with an album... i tried not to buy it... but i just couldnt resist... i had to buy it... then one fine day... i did... and again felt like a teenager madly in love!!! i heard that album everyday for atleast 2 months... i know each song word by word... so... thaz the point... i dont love bsb... i love nick cater... or maybe... thaz what i thought then!! then the band got back together... came up with 2 more albums... i bought 1.... unbreakable was out of reach for a really long time... then i just gave up on trying to get my hands on it... thanks to limewire.. i still got the songs...

I think i have grown up a lil' since my seventh grade, but my undying louuu for backstreet boys is just not dying... i still don't blink an eye when i see their videos... my heart still flutters if i see a photograph of them (ofcourse it should have nick in it)!!! i even collect a new photo if it appears in the papers or magazines!!! what am i trying to say... don't go by the number of years i have added to my calendar, I still am young at heart!


  1. I remember all of it & most of all I remember how your imagination used to run wild! :)
    I hope some of that madness & that unbridled imagination is still intact! That was indeed your charm! :)

  2. imagination and observation.. still intact! :)