Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Homework Syndrome!

Homework... the only thing I din't like about going home... ghar ja k homework karna padega... :( when younger, the homework was small... it would take anything between 1/2 hour to 1 hour! rest time was play time!!!

Growing up was a pain!!! as we grow up, the size of the homeworks grew as well!!! so did the size of our bags! I hated it... i hated it all real baad! growing up and homework... both were torture... then came college, full masti, no homework, some classes and a lotta frenz!!! :) 4 years were fun! (B.Tech is 4 years, i din't fail) Homework was bare minimum... studies were not a part of the daily routine! Life was to be enjoyed! During exams... we practiced the concept of "burn the mid-night oil!"

Then, happened infosys!!! Infosys tortured for 4 full months... but i enjoyed the grill.... studying late night was a daily routine... but it was all worth it... after all, infosys is a dream company for all... then the nightmare happened... i got posted to chennai... life was terrible!!! quit... came home.... decided to study more to add meaning to life!!!

Said hello to Amity business school... life took a full U-turn! school to college to back to school... Homework has again become a part of the daily routine!!! We got a day off today, but got some homework too.... I feel like the sine curve, I started from a point, reached a maxima, and am back to the same point...

I guess i did not do my homework(groundwork that you do before jumping into a project) well enough!!!

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