Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My First Crush...

What is a crush?? Rather who is a crush??? or maybe how do you know if you're crushing on somebody??

I believe it is someone you secretly like and adore and wanna be with... blah blah!!!

hmmm... we all crush on somebody or the other sometime or the other... I'm a special case, I crush too often! I started crushin' on people even before I knew that I'm actually crushing on them... It all started in my 1st grade (thaz when i remember it from, it could have started even earlier)... i had simultaneous crushes on two guys... yah man.. i was young, i did not know what the hell a crush means n still was crushin' on two...

It all started with a fight... all three of us wanted to be class toppers, I would always end up 3rd, and the guys would be 1st or 2nd! that would break my heart, but i loved them both too much.. i don't know which one of them i liked better till date! :P I would always come in the class before they would, and save seats on either side for them both, and would never let anyone else sit with me or with them due to the J-factor!!!! i even fought with my then bestfren over one of the crushes!!! he he!!!

Anyways, we would eat and play together, and then came 6th standard... i don't know what happens to kids in the 6th standard... boys hate girls and vice-versa... boys like football and girls like kho-kho!! :X and the concept of "ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nai ho saktay" arises, and both decide to go their separate ways!!! So there... my crushes for 6 long years talk to each other, but not me, why? Because of the above mentioned crap concept! 6 years... down the drain!!! :X

Life goes on... and i moved on... i started young.... n i like to believe, i still am young!!! But, an important point to be taken is: Crushes are like clothes, you better change often!

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