Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waak the Taak!

English is a funny language... and after studying in an english medium school, college and b-school, I realise the truth of it!

What is funny about it? The whole damn world is out there to prove that whatever i learnt during elementary school was nothing but utter crap.

In school, i had learnt a word called "Walk". All through my life i learnt to pronounce it as "Wok". Then I went to chennai, put on around 10 kilos and faced a lot of problem... went to a doctor, a renowned docter... he sits in Max hospital and also Escorts! He suggested, the only answer to all my problem is: "Eat less, waak more!"... i know the eat less part, what the hell is waak more???

Anyways, then i joined a b-school, i have been there about 2 weeks nows. Here too I was introduced to a new term: "Taak"... and i realised that my love for talking (pronounced as toking) is actually the love for taaking!

After the new found pronounciations of two of my favourite words, I have decided to Waak the Taak!

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