Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zuzu vs SRK!

Everyday I want to fly.. stay by my side... Every day i want to dream... stay BY MY SIDE... oo oo oo...

thaz what i like most about the vodafone ads... they are just sooooooooo adorable!!!

They started off with the happy to help pug, jumped over to zuzu... but now they are back to the pug... I think zuzu is decently cute, why revert back to the pug?? As if it is going to help bring in more sales??

Another one running in the line is airtel "Express yourself"... Airtel hits the EQ of the junta... That is a nice startegy, considering the fact that we live in the world of emotional fools (yes, i am one of them, i actually cry when i see decently emotional ads)... + they also have roped in the king of bollywood... SRK!! way to go Airtel!!!

So who do you like more? Does it influence the connection you will opt for? Or do you have another Idea sir jee?

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