Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Agony of a Foodaholic!

Life would have been so damn good if we were to live to eat rather than eat to live... i mean im sure i know a couple of people (including me) who would kill for the same!!! i dont really know what attracts me toward food... is it the aroma... is it the look... is it the taste...  is it the sense of satisfaction that i get when the food travels down from my throat to my belly and settles there for a couple of days... is it the spice that gives me the tingly feeling on my tongue and appears as boils all over my face... or is the calorie or sugar intake that gives me a temporary sense of high and then appears as permanent fat in all the wrong places???

aaargh.. but i still love food... and my intentions toward gobbling down the whole thing is directly proportional to the amount of spices that it includes... the spicier it is... the higher i feel... its funny but it is sooooooooo true!!!

i sometimes try and resists food... these are the times when i feel i am absolutely not hungry or the times when i realise that i have to put off some of the many extra kilos that i've put on or the times when im really really upset... but then... inspite of all of the above mentioned... when i see food right in front of me... i just CANNOT resist it... there are a millions things going inside my brains... phat jaaegi ek din kha kha k... uskay dimples, teray pimples etc... but in spite of the turmoil that is happening inside and giving me a thousand reason why not to... i realise that my hand has already reached up and brought a bite right upto the tip of my mouth... then, there is only one thing i can sense... Yummmmm!!!

i guess you cannot really understand the agony that i face as a foodaholic... i know i should resist... but the matter of fact is... when i feel strong emotions toward the food sitting right in front of me... the resistant part of my brains actually stops working!!!

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