Monday, October 26, 2009

My list of achievements!

Here's a list of commendable things, that i did... not by trying... but by sheer luck! :P

+ I came first in the class... so what if it were in nursery!

+ my teacher said she is the sweetest and the most well-behaved child of the class... so what if that was in second grade!

+ i won a fancy dress competition... so what if i destroyed the costume of the girl that i most feared competition!

+ i stood first in an inter-house racing competition at school... so what if the girl who was coming first tripped n fell 20 meters from the finish line!

+ i scored the highest in the XIIth english preboards... so what if i din't do the same in the boards!

+ i was best friends with a boy that people were dying to talk to... so what if we're not in talking terms anymore!

+ my best fren is a girl who everyone wants to befriend, and she goes by the name 'devil'... so what if shez an angel and many miles away right now! :(

+ i topped my college in externals of professional communications in the first semester... so what if i got internals worse than the least scorer!

+ Everyone in my college knew me... so what if it were because i was the naughtiest student!

+ i got proposed by a guy when everyone thought i was ugly... so what if i rejected him just because he was ugly too!

+ i got proposed by a rich good-looking guy... so what if i rejected him because he was indecent!

+ I prayed for somebody else's good... so what if he did not care one shit about me.

+ i've been to a disc... so what it were at nainital with my folks! :P

+ i have lots of friends... so what if most of them are boys and my parents don't appreciate this fact!

+ i had an amazing valentines... so what if it were with 9 other people watching a movie 'I! Proud to be an Indian!"

+ i stayed at a hostel for two years... so what if i had adjusting problems and fought with everyone else!

+ i always cleared my infy papers by studying only for 2 - 4 hours (when everyone else would spend at least 4 times the time)... so what i still got lesser marks than rahul sikka!(he studied half the time i did)

+ i survived in chennai for 10 months... so what if i was home for 4 months outta the mentioned!

+ i made more money than one of my uncle still does... so what if i asked for more from my folks!

+ i ultimately grew my hair long... so what if i still wanna shave it all off!

+ i ultimately seem to be getting rid of my pimples... so what if im paying hefty cash to a doctor for the same!

+ i scored 3 marks more than my expectation in an eco midterm... so what if i played on the golden rule of fetching marks "write as much as you can!"

This is the latest addition:

+ Today, i entered my college library and got a book issued... so what if im whiling time away by writing this instead of reading that! :P

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