Thursday, October 15, 2009

Innovative Product @ SM : Cheat Lenses; Empowered Lenses

All through my school and college life, i had 1 problem... i could not cheat... i was scared to look into the paper of the person sitting next to me... hence, i always wished there was a fool proof way of cheating... i thought it would be nice to flip through pages and find information right there in the brain... thaz when i thought of a product called cheat lenses... now, i am pursuing my MBA and was given an assignment to come up with an innovative product... and suddenly, i remembered about my wishlist of things i wish existed... and right there at the top was cheat lenses.. so i did a lot of googling (if that is a word) and tried to find out if the product exist... When i was sure, that it does not exist... i went ahead with the project: Cheat Lenses... to fill up the slides... i searched info on contacts... so, most info present till slide 7 is from wiki... and then my brain starts!!!

i enjoyed making the presentation... i hope you will enjoy reading the same! Also, i renamed my product from cheat lenses to empowered lenses because according to our sales management teacher and our marketing management teacher, we should not use negative words while trying to sell a product... so read on to find out how my imaginary cheat lenses can empower you!!! I sincerely believe that this product should be brought into existence... Hello Mr. Scientist... do you hear my plea???

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