Saturday, October 10, 2009

Im a Winter Baby!!!

Two days ago, at 1 am, I decided to take a stroll... i went off to my roof and suddenly a gush of cool wind blew across my face and left behind a smile... it touched my hands and gave me goosebumps... it touched my heart and gave me joy! sometimes, i get pleasure from things i never imagined were capable of giving it!

The wind with the little chill reminded me of the winters and I totally love the winters... it is certainly my favourite season, and that has multiple reasons... wow, that almost rhymes!!! i love the bonfires that happen then... i love the long sleep hours I can enjoy then... I love the hot served food i get then... i even love my room during the winters... to the left is a snap of some part of my room from the comfort of my quilt... of course it is from last year... but most importantly... i love the way winters make me feel... wearing a pullover and an overcoat to keep myself safe and warm... but leaving the hands and the face exposed to the chill... makes me feel a million things... a million things that i cannot describe in words!!!

the most important thing that i really enjoy during winters is watching people i secretly or openly adore... i especially love to watch them when they wear black, blue or grey... these colours so compliment the winter skin making them look so mysterious... and mysterious is hot!!! remember edward cullen in twilight... i also love to flirt during the winters cuz i personally think winter mysterious is irresistible!!!

winters also tends to cool me down... i have realised that i fight less during the season... i become super generous with compliments... and i actually feel happy all the time... i don't need no stupid reasons to laugh and feel lighter... im on a all time nirvana... in short... i totally lo. . .hove the winters, look forward to it with anticipation and im so glad it is approaching now!!! 

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