Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hum Kaalay Hai Toh Kya Hua Dilwalay Hai!

Ever since childhood, I have noticed, people relate fairness with beauty… or, lets say, people relate darkness with the ugly! Im born into a family where there was a difference in race, status and even color. My pa who by birth is a malayali (keralite) is dark and my ma who by birth is a sindhi is fair! The concept of hybrid says that you get characteristics of both the contributing parties, what I mean to say is I am wheatish! (Zebra is outta the question)!!!

I have been in the northern side of India for most of my lifetime and due to being a little on the darker side, have been the butt of many dark comments… one comment came about 10 years ago from my sindhi cousin (I still remember it, cuz such comments used to hurt), I think he was 3 – 4 years old then, when we were playing catch ‘em catch, he cho chweety asked me “Di, aap itnay kaalay kyu ho?” (Di, why you so dark?) All, I could do is smile and walk away!

Time passed by, and I tried all my luck at getting fair… from fair n lovely… to no marks… to garnier lites… after spending ample amount of money on the creams, I realized, there are some things in life that you just cant change… and am certainly not MJ! But, gradually the society has become compassionate toward the dark; in fact I even know a boi who said “I like dusky girls!”

But yesterday, my life took a full swing… my sister who is toward the fairer side does believe in the fairness creams, in fact, she is dedicated toward fair n lovely! So, because the cream got over, I accompanied my sister to the chemist shop where she asked for fair n lovely ‘multi vitamin’… I was talking to a friend over the phone, and was outside the shop… suddenly, the lead pharmist called out to me… I went inside and he told me… “beta, we don’t have fair n lovely ‘multi vitamin’, do you want to opt for fair n lovely ‘aurvedic’?”… I looked at him in awe and said, “uncle, m not interested in any fairness product cuz I belive in hum kaalay hai toh kya hua dilwallay hai!!!” and then I burst out laughing like crazy!

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