Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laughter the Best Medicine!

I always thought that laughter is the best medicine until recently... when my belief was shattered by the concept called excessive laughter... which in turn leads to people wanting to break your sparkling pearls and also directly results in you being the laughing stock of the town!!!

i always liked to believe that im the "happy go lucky" type... and thought with all my heart, you can't get happier than this... but, then i met the "you cannot bring me down ever" type... now, this type is always laughing, does not understand that people are actually laughing at them instead of with them, no matter how hard you try to make them understand that people do not appreciate the always evergreen laughter, it just doesn't get inside their brain... they are the butt of all jokes but they believe with all their heart that they are the centre of attention... and the funny part is... when they are actually serious, people give them s***... they try to show they are upset... and people give them more s***!!!

I once asked a boi "yaar, tum log *****(censored) ki itni letay kyu ho?" sophisticated english transcript: why do you guys always pull *****'s leg? and he so sweetly answered "yaar, woh kehti hai meri lo!" i wasn't able to give this one a sophisticated english transcript so please feel free to use your imagination!

Thankfully, unlike the "you cant' ever bring me down' type, i do get sad, i do act normal... and i certainly get angry at times... and the best part is, i can get my point across the person standing in front of me! Thank you dear Lord for making me the "happy go lucky" type instead of the "you cannot bring me down ever" type!!!

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