Monday, September 14, 2009

The Little Things!!!

They say that the greatest of joys come in the smallest of packages... yes, i am a fan of the little things... cuz there ain't nothing in the world that can ever compare to the joys that the small gestures bring!!! some people consider me senti-mental, some really senti and some just mental... but, whatever you consider me... you cannot defy teh fact that the little things touch us in the most beautiful way!!!

So yesterday was my geburstag (i have a foreign language called german, and geburstag means birthday)... though i enjoyed, there was one thing bothering me... my best fren is not around... shez in the UK... and my birthday was almost about to get over, and i hadn't heard from her! :( i could not believe that she forgot my birthday... but then, i did receive an ISD... she specially bought a new sim for a day just to call me up... yep... the little thing that touched my heart... i love you sooooooooo mucha!!!

But, there was more to come... i came home from my college to find a bunch of roses along with a birthday card and a box of chocolates waiting for me... yep, i know you asked for my address, but this was still a BEAUTIFUL surprise Manoj!!! thanks a ton people!!!

I loved it when all my frenz from infy & amity called me at 12 in the nite and kept trying till they got through, even though that meant waking up till 3 in the morning... i just love you guys sooooo much!!! thanks for giving me the little things that mean so much to me!!! :)

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