Saturday, September 12, 2009

If Only!!!

I have crossed two decades of my life... in fact more... i have achieved a lot of things during the time span... in achieving the same, at all times of my life... there was one thing that i would constantly repeat... i have also missed out on a lot of things... and during the loosing phase, i'd repeat the same thing... if only.... if only i was that smart... i only i was that strong... if only i was that pretty... i only that boi could be mine... if only i was not so shy... if only i could control my anger... if only i could punch her on her face... if only i could sleep for 5 more minutes... if only i could get rid of these pimples... if only everyone else would have 10,000 pimples too... if only the teacher would teach well... if only there were no exams... if only my parents would give me more pocket money... if only it would always be winters... if only i was a celebrity or a princess...

my if only list is never ending!!! you may or may not agree, but you too have a huge if only wish list!!!

what i did not realise while making the if only wish list is: if i cant get to them, i can at least make way around them... for example, to make myself smart, i act smart at the right time... i don't care about the other times, i  act dumb and play along n learn along the way... to make myself strong, i don't fight with people who are physically stronger, i just hit them where it hurts the most.... to make myself pretty, i get pictures clicked from 10,000 angles and then select the best and put it as my profile pic... to make that boi mine, i flirt!!! to ensure that im not that shy... i talk so much, most people don't even remember that i once used to be shy!!!

the point is... if only you really try, you can change your "if only" list into a "realized bucket list!!!"

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