Thursday, September 17, 2009

India is Not Completely Corrupt!!!

My sister is pursuing a degree from a fashion institute... she is doing fashion merchandizing and is into her second year of college now... but, before we submitted her second year fee, we were really troubled, because we got her an admission into a UPTU engineering college... we submitted a handsome amount of money into the college (that includes 1 L tuition fee of UPTU + donation)... how could we let go of the hard earned money.

But, nevertheless, she told my pa that she still is interested in completing her fashion degree and is not so keen to do engineering,  my father resistantly agreed ie. he tried his best to convince her but ultimately gave in to her request... this means forfeiting a good amount of money... we had submitted the fee and donation at the UPTU college, but we did not have any receipt of it... so that money went down the drain... or that's waht we thought at least then!!!

Days passed by, and the anxiety to get that money back grew more and more... this was accompanied by multiple calls to the college's head... many verbal disaggrements... blah blah... its almost been 2 months now... then, i do not know what my father did or said to the college people, they asked us to come over... and guess what?? they returned the damn money!!! O my God... I just cannot believe it...  India is still not completely corrupt!!!

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