Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miss Independent!!!

So strong yet so weak... laughing aloud yet crying inside... independent yet so freakingly dependent... I'm so sick and tired of the façades that i see daily... ok, so they pretend that we need nobody, they talk about it, they make it so loud, they lie, lie and lie some more until it sounds like its actually true... a real part of them!!!

They ignore when people ask them personal questions, they don't have no friends... they only believe in acquaintances... people who can help them and receive help in return... and then it is ta ta, bye-bye time... they cry when nobody's watching, they don't watch movies in public so that people do not see the soft side of them...

They are the bitches and they love to be the bitches, i mean the kind who are hated by all for their stingy attitude... they climb up the ladder damn fast, but never realise that they stepped on 50,000 feelings while doing the same... they can live without food and shelter (im not gonna include clothes, cuz expensive clothes are what they swear by), but they cant imagine a day without their cell phone!!!

How can I say this??? well, i guess i used to be one... but, i get bored too easily... n i got bored of pretending too... also, miss independent can command respect (people pretend to respect), but can't command love... now i laugh when i wish to and not when i should and i cry when i can't take any longer... but, i still do tend to run off to the wash room when crying... well, i guess the infy people have witnessed that already!!! :P i am not emotionally independent... i depend on my family and friends... i love them and i'm glad all of my family and most of my friends love me back in return!!!

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