Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I still remember, when we were in our 7th grade, or probably the 8th… our teachers would spare themselves the torture of reading and ask a student to stand up and read a paragraph from the text, the next one to fall in line could be his or her neighbor, or the one sitting at the back laughing away to glory… Suddenly when he or she would realize, that he or she has got to get up and read a part of the text right from where the earlier one had left it… he/she would be zapped!!! Then, he/she would look here there everywhere for clues to pick up where the dead darn person had left it… aha… so there the person right in front helps… then starts the reading!!!!

I happened to be a back bencher… and this once happened to me too… I have no problems reading plain text…. I mean, im pretty decent in english… hindi though seems to get troublesome!!! So, once we were reading a chapter (I don’t really remember the name, but it had one Ganga Ram who was bitten by a snake right in the middle of his head in a v position) I remember the name because we share the same initials… Ganga Ram… Geeta Ravi… GR!!! He he!!!

Hmm… ever realized, how your ears go warm n the cheeks go red when you have to stand up in front of the whole class and read an extract… yep, thaz what happened to me… + I was very shy then, so for me to stand up and read it was a task (I tell you!!!) but, I did pull up the courage to do the same… then came a line “Ganga Ram looked at his striped underpants hanging…” what the sentence meant was that he looked at his underpants which had stripes on it… and back then (actually this pretty much holds true now as well), my rate of speech was faster than my rate of processing… so with all my volume… I read out… “Ganga Ram looked at his stripped underpants…” and then I heard hahahahahaha… roars of laughter all around me… I felt my heart go thump thump… my ears got on fire and my throat absolutely dry… I mean… where the hell was the saliva… it’s a biological entity… It should not have had left me!!! In short… I was EMBARRSED to the core… ya sure man, I laugh about it loud now!!! But, boi must I tell you, embarrassment makes you feel a trillion more things than love… So, all those of you who have felt love, I suggest feel a stronger emotion… EMBARRASSMENT!!!

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