Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sometimes i feel so weird... so weird that i wish to.... i wish to just slap someone, or hug someone, or just go and shrug someone... i get so sick of things, that i might just poke someone, or pretend to choke someone, or just pet someone... i don't understand why i act so weird...  i don't understand why i can't take control of my brain... i don't understand why i just need to vent out!!!

i am filled with emotions... and i don't think twice before complimenting someone... yeah, that's a nice shirt you're wearing! ooo... i can't believe you can carry off yellow nail paint so well!!! I don't even think twice before criticising someone... i have this urge to just blurt out what i have in my mind.. what i don't understand is why can't i control my tongue???

i get short of words and i bang the table, i get short of ideas and i scratch my head, i get short of food and i literally go mad... the funny thing is, i find words when i bang the table, i get new ideas when i scratch my head, and i feel satisfied when i eat to my fullest... i get sick when i hear girl talk... o that boi is so cute... drool... drool... i drool too, but i just don't like to talk about it!!! i don't understand how i am wired... all i know is i sometimes act weird!!! I'm wired weird i guess!!!

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