Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Mane... It Can't Get Worse!!!

I do not comb my hair... why??? i think it is such a task... pick up a comb, run it through your hair... detangle cross linkages... suffer from breakage of hair... see hair on the brush... clean the hair brush... collect the broken hair... go outside the house and dump the hair into the trash... O MY GOD!!! so i devised a simple solution... DO NOT COMB THE HAIR... unlike a lot of other women, i am not blessed with beautiful hair... and unlike the other women, i do not even have the patience to take care of it well enough... i cant even wear a face mask, how can i manage a head mask... all the time that i can spare for it is by washing it every alternate day...

all the women, who wanna say eeew... please blame my mom for it... i had lovely long tresses till my 7th grade, my mom had difficulty with my tantrums over how to fix my hair, so she got my hair cut short... and thaz how it all started... id wash my hair daily, wear gel, and this my dear frenz, i must tell you, is detrimental to your hair... + the over required level of chlorine of our school's swimming pool ruined my hair beyond recognition!!! the only way to hide this was keeping the hair short... but there are a lot of things associated with hair... First and the foremost, your total personality changes with the way you wear your hair... so in school, i was short (i still am, 5' 2" is short right??? ), fat (a waist size of 32-34 is huge right???) and to top it all, i was, and still am, a tom boi!!!

So the guys of my class would call me a mard (viz hindi for a man)... o yeah... i tell you, no matter how strong i look, this would hurt me to the core... i once even cried about it... and you know what i was told... "ro mat, mard ko dard nai hota" hindi for (don't cry, men do not feel pain)... and boi did i come home, lock myself into the washroom, and cry like crazy!!!

i still have trouble with hair... i hate it... i could probably run a zero numbered razor and shave my head off... but, sadly, i cant bear the torture of being called a mard again anymore!!! now, please... if you have an urge to call me that... avoid... because i was pretty shy and would not reply back when i was younger... but now, i am so certainly not gonna leave you... and if you too have a flaw... which im sure you have, cuz nobody is perfect... im so get you embarrassed on that... and you will hate me for the rest of your life!!! ooo.... i feel like a devil already and im loving it!!! :P

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