Monday, September 28, 2009


So my trip to Hardwar cleared one of my biggest misconceptions… It is not Haridwar, though Haridwar sounds more convincing Hari (God’s) dwar (door), I guess I can blame my misconception on to 7th grade hindi, where we learned sandhi-viched and I use it up till date to learn new words!!!

The trip was cut short by a day, thanks to Dusshera, but never the less, the two days there were absolutely awesome!!! We had the slowest driver ever possible, who made us stop and eat at the worst dhabas possible on this earth… check out the daal makhani’s snap… now, thaz what we call daal makhani! We took double the time we had anticipated in getting there… we realized that open bushes are a better relieving point than the closed loos!!! On the way, I saw a hoarding such as sadani properties (rotting properties!!!), to let Bharti (Bharti for rent eh??) I also saw number plates reading UK 07… (I mean who needs to go to UK if you can get UK’s number plate right here in Uttrakhand)!!!

Anyways, we reached pretty late, by that time the pooja was over… so, we had to stay at Hotel Santosh to ensure we can be a part of the morning aarti that happens at 5:30… that was the nearest possible one!!! Boi, we woke up at 4:30 and then the doobkies at 5… the water was chilled… ultimately, I got rid of all the damn sins and I also remember how my sister’s teeth were cluttering till 10 mins after the same!!!

I also realized most people there are superb at minting money… 5 Rs for 2 sips of tea… 10 bucks for applying a tikka… 30 bucks for a leaf boat filled with flowers and a deep blah blah… Then, we went to Rishikesh where we were late for river rafting! L so we ended up eating chat at Omkarananda chat ghat! J Then, we headed home, reached here by 11… ate at baby dragon, where we actually filled colors to pass time… see my daddy’s coloring!!! And then hit the bed… inspite of all ups and downs… there is only one word for the trip… Awesome!!!

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