Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saabu Mania

Aaaargh.. where ever I go, I find a Saabu… for all those of you who have read the Chacha Chaoudhary comics… u’d know who saabu is… but for the others… Saabu is basically a tall (really tall) guy from Jupitar… He worked with/for Chacha Choudhary!!!
When I was in college, KIET, I had a friend called Saabu… no thaz not his name… we all used to call him by that nick name… his name is... does it even matter… anyways, it was a custom for everyone to have a nick name… mine was ‘lady goondi’… I used to get upset over it then… but then, even Bipasha Basu was called lady goondi in school, so im like not at all upset over it anymore!!! No… im not comparing myself with her... n m ceratinly not writing about myself…. I needa talk about the Saabus I know!!!
The KIET Saabu story:
Our KIET vice director then (Proff. Sandhu), was… is a very jovial person… once me n saabu were hanging out and he said ‘Geeta, don’t roam around with saabu…’ seeing my puzzled look, he said, you look like his daughter (he is 6’ 3” n m 5’ 2”) to this saabu reacted ‘sir, my kids will never be this dark!’ yes, saabu is supposed to be fair, tall and well built… so was he… aaargh!!!
The AMITY Saabu story:
So we had to submit our CA (computers) project… I along with Tanuj went to give an explanation as to why we can’t submit the same today… the teacher, who is supposed to be a serious one… said no problem.. give it tomorrow, but as we were about to leave (Tanuj had already walked past the door), Gaurav sir asked me ‘what is saabu’s name?’ Blink.. blink… My thought process… saabu is fair.. saabu is tall… Tanuj is fair… tanuj is tall… associative law se conclusion… tanuj is saabu… response… ‘sir his name is Tanuj’ J and then there was no ending… he asked me if I read chacha choudhary comics and gave me a hi 5!!! Also, he has already started hunting for a Saabun (I mean mrs. Saabu) for Saabu!!!
Way to go Saabus… So, tell me how does it feel to come to Earth??? So many people care about you here… Do you miss your mother Jupiter???

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