Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And it Happened to me Again!!!

i know im weird.. i say that because i do weird things... but i say that even strongly... cuz weirder things happen to me... i sometimes feel like the queen of weirdness!

why? what happened today? well today, i was walking the road that connects sector 18 to atta market! (i know there is a confusion regarding what exactly is the difference between atta and 18... one side of the metro is atta n the other is 18.. the mall type side is 18 n the flee type is atta)

anyways.. so i was tick tock. tick tock... on he road... (my heels plastic broke, so they made my presence on the road pretty noisy!)... and suddenly there is this guy walking by me... suddenly he opens his mouth.. full english... superb accent... m not joking... he actually spoke good english with a UK accent!

excuse me miss... can i talk to u for a minute??
(thinking that he is a student marketing something) im in a hurry.. im sorry... no time!

no... miss... please... i just wanna make frenz with you... (ewww... i thought ur a college boi trying to promote something... where the hell did frenship come into picture??? )
i really am not interested...

please... i am Ahmed... and then he went on to give his background details... what about u??? what is your name??? what do you do???
dude.. i really am in no mood... then i gave him a bad stare but he did not budge... so i took out my cell phone and pretended to call my dad... (i actually was calling bagchi... :P).. he probably got scared and ran off then... and i took in a sigh of relief!


  1. Excuse me miss...
    i just wanna make frenz with you :P

  2. its been a long time since this happened... but u suddenly brought back the memory :P