Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Im Like a Bird!

now-a-days, my life is the song... "I'm like a bird.. i'll only fly away... i don't know where my soul is.. i don't know where my home is!" why??? how???

aparently, all of my frenz keep telling me "meray pankh nikal aaye hai!" (i've grown my feathers?? :O)... i was the kind of person who would do all classes, do homework in advance, not cheat in exams, get home on time.. and every other thing that a boring person is supposed to do...

but recently, with the in coming of frenz... i do not do classes, don't do my homework in advance, exams are pretty far so i cant comment, and i inevitably am late for home always... in fact, i look for reason to not do classes and reach home as late as my parents possibly let me...

but now that the dawn is about to break, and we will hapta do classes from the 23rd... am already petrified... i'm so high... i just learned to fly.. just thinking of coming back to ground, makes me frown! :(

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