Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Rise & Fall of It!

okhay.. so i did mention before that my new year resolution is to reduce 8.5 kilos... here is what i precisely wrote on dec 31st on this very same blog.

LOSE WEIGHT! Target 8.5 kilos to be lost by the end of the year!
               EXERCISE! At least 4 times in a week!

so, i dint do the at least 4 times in a week or eat less, walk more thingy... but thanks to Trends 20 10, n the damn anchoring thingy... i dint have time to eat.. + the fussy me over food.. i'd rather die than eat crap food, so thaz wot i did.. i dint eat the crap food!

here is how my weight fluctuated during january'10.

jan 1: 58.6
jan 6: 58.4 (yeayee.. i lost 200grams... yeah)
jan 16: 58.7 (oh shucks.. i put on 100 grams more than my jan 1 weight!:( )
jan 20th till jan 22nd: TRENDZZ 20 10.
jan 25: 56.8 (yeah yeah.. 2 whole kilos... i was sooo bloody glad... i msged all my closest frenz.. but i still can't contain my happiness... yet, i cant believe, im actually blogging about the same!)

i guess life comes a full circle... and for a change, m hating the rise n loving the fall of it! :P

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