Thursday, January 28, 2010

If I Were Invisible!

If you were invisible… what would you do?

Would you stalk your crush??? Walk by him??? Kiss him on the cheek??? Smack him on the butt???

Would you loot a damn bank??? Would you eat it away to glory??? Would you get somebody else arrested for the crime you did???

Would you scare the heck outta people by suddenly moving stuff from in front of them???

Would you trouble your greatest enemy??? Take naked pictures of them and circulate their mms on the world wide web???

Would you stay for hours at your friends place and watch them have fun??? Possibly hear all the gossip??? And even know what they say about you behind your back???

If I were invisible… I would just go mad… none of the mentioned seem worthwhile… I would rather be visible and have fun with my friends and family… make merry… and leave the gossip behind my back! I love you guys… alone in the crowd, I was invisible… but with you guys around, im so dead damn visible! J

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