Saturday, January 16, 2010


i remember in the movie, matrix, when neo goes to meet the oracle for the very first time, she asks him not to worry about the vase... and then, crash, there it crashes... and she tells him, what will keep you wondering is "would you have broken it if i did not warn you about it?" neo looks as if he is in deep though called "wonder".. but he moves on... but i did not.. i was still stuck upon wonderin' if he would have actually broken it if she wouldn't have warned him..

i wonder about all the damn things in this world... from why do i not like regular sweets when i love chocolates... why does my sister look fat on all days but miraculously looks (looks, does not become) slimmer on her birthday... day before, i saw a beggar on my way to amity, all that he had on was a shirt... no pullover... no pants.. no under pants... i was in the auto and feeling the chill against my face... and i wondered, why did he decide to wear the shirt when it was more important to cover his family jewels! (rei, i give you full credit for your word that i just mentioned!)

i wonder about why do we have a 75% attendance mandate when all we are interested in is notes... just upload the same on amizone... dammit n save yourself the torture... i wonder why do i wish to stay at home when im fighting with them all the time... i wonder why do i love the winters so much when i cannot even bear them.. i mean, bathing, washing your hair, everything is a problem.. i wear so many clothes i feel stuffed... i wonder why can i not sing hindi songs, espicailly the women part... my voice breaks when a soft tone part comes...

i wonder why does the sky turn dark due to clouds if it is supposed to be blue due to the phenomenon called refraction of light... i mean clouds are just condensed evaporated water.. right??? i wonder why our spectrum is restricted to VIBGYOR... we have so many better bold colors available... i shall not get into intellectual stuff here...

i wonder why i tend to buy blue color much more than red even though red is my favorite color... i wonder how can a darker woman like tyra banks carry off yellow nail paint when i cannot... i wonder why i have all these thoughts in my head like 24X7... i wonder why im never able to control my anger... i wonder why i get pissed off at almost everything... i wonder why i say things i do not really mean just because i have the worst temperament in the world... i wonder why i still bing like a hog when my 2010 resolution is to reduce 8.5 kgs...

its gotten so much, that sometimes i wonder, why i wonder so much? i mean... its like im in a wonderland.. everything that happens around me is a wonder to me... hence i wonder over it.. about it.. please spare my grammar.. i really cannot understand what to write here... i wonder why i don't get the right words at the right time.. and i wonder what i will do if i have nothing left to wonder about!

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