Monday, January 11, 2010

Frenz... Frenz' Frenz... Frenz' Frenz' Frenz!

there was a time i used to hate social gatherings... why? because i was shy.. people would ask a trillion questions.. "kya kar rahay ho beta?" "kahan se padh rahay ho?" "kub khatam hoga?" "uskay baad kya karogay?" blah blah blah... (what are you doing? where are you studying? when will your studies get over? what will you do after that?) blah blah blah.. even answering these questions was a pain for me... i would hate it... hide.. shy away.. run off...

but now i talk.. talk talk n talk so much... people have to plead or show anger to shut me up! initially i had trouble talking even with family... now i do not even hesitate in talking to my frenz... and their frenz.. and their frenz' frenz too!!! suddenly... the boring life is interesting! lol!

in fact, recently, i got along with my frenz frenz (heena, pravesh, mehra) so much.. that i hate the fact that they are here only for a vacation... im gonna miss you guys! :(

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