Monday, January 4, 2010

The Lesson That Baneree Sir Taught Me!

its funny... i am the kind of person who if once hates a person... needs a lot of persuasion to like that person again! Banerjee sir was one such person.. i hated him at first... but i totally respected and adored him by my XIIth std...

if i did start liking the subject called "physics", the credit goes to Banerjee sir... i wanted to do well in the subject... i have never wanted to top in such subjects... so, i never did.. but i did want to be in the good books of Banerjee sir & Mridula Bajaj maam... its so funny.. the teacher i hated so much made me like a subject that i hated even more... how? what did he do?

he EMBARRASSED me in front of the whole dead damn class... i hated him.. i probably wanted to kill him... i had never felt so embarrassed even when i said "stripped underpants" instead of "striped underpants" in front of the whole class...

apparently, when Banerjee sir did not teach us (Class XIth), he had the opportunity to check one of our pre-board papers...  so he did... and he gave away all the papers and kept mine till the end... then he announced something like... This one is royalty... i have never seen a paper like this before... main sheets + 3 b-sheets, written in and out... getting 26/70... failing by one mark... ooo... i tell you, if i were fair enough, you could have seen my whole face flush red... aaargh... KILL HIM is what my mind said... right here.. right now.. but i could not help it!!!

he did give me a grace mark that helped me pass... i never told my parents about me failing in the subject and passing due to grace marks... but i did tell them the truth "i could have gotten much more if i were into cheating!"... the point is, even though Banerjee sir gave me a grace mark, he gave me a bigger lesson... if you wish to pass without teacher's grace... write quality n not quantity & in case you have not studied enough quantity to write quality, turn to cheating! :P

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