Sunday, February 21, 2010

BSB Mania.. Dhuph!

They came.. they performed... they left... and all i did was... stay at home... and mull over not being able to go... i was in the 8th standard when i had made up my mind, that no matter what happens... no matter how old i get... no matter how old they get... or whether or not the band is still together... i will soooooooo meet them... even if that means spending lots of money and buying ticket for the weirdest parts of the world.

then, i grew up.. the band actually disintegrated and i thought... "bygones"... i forgot all about wanting to meet them and all... but till date... my sister tells me.. if for some reason anything related to BSB is on TV, i don't even blink an eye... i guess im not mad over them anymore... but first love is always first love.. right?

one fine morning, i read in the winter newspaper, backstreet boys might head India, that too Delhi and Bangalore... i though "might" is not sufficient.. so i googled... spend some good hours and figured out from their official site, that there is a good possibility... that day, it seemed brighter than sunshine, in spite of the cold... i told my father about it.. he gave me the look "you still mad about them or what???" then i said "papa, BSB will be hitting India, that too delhi... that too Okhla.. that is like just 15-20 away from here... I really wanna go!" my sister took my side... but my folks blandly refused!!!

i din't ask them again.. but my sister did pursue this for some time... even reminded my daddy that he once said to me "finish your XIIth and i will get you a ticket to Orlando... Go meet your BSB!" but my parents din't budge... today, i am so sad.. that instead of making my IMM presentation or studying for my Law test which is to be held tomorrow, this is what im doing! :(


  1. Hey sorry 2 again disturb u!! but i m also a diehard fan of bsb frm my 11th. hey after reading all urs post i searched u on fb but carn't find thou im juni.2 u and it wierd but can i be frnd to u!! if u really dont mind!!!

  2. hey gaurav.. its nice to know that u wish to be friends... but i really do not add people on public portals unless i know them in person n have met them in face!

    ur nice.. m sure about it.. but i weird! ;P

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