Monday, February 8, 2010

My Jaanu Frenz!

so... i have this group called as my jaanu frenz... i totally love them... adore them... they possibly are one reason why i look upto college... apparently, i am the eldest amongst them all... but im still adopted by my jaanu mom, anindita bagchi, who happens to be a couple of years younger to me... n when i say a couple.. i mean a couple.. she one day looked at me choooo chweetly and asked.. can i adopt you??? now, how i could i say a no???

i also happen to have a teddy bear in my group.. Sahil kapoor.. ooo... one bear hug from him.. n i swear... you feel like your holding a stuff toy.. i dont mind it cuz he is my stuff toy n he dusn mind it.. because im the same height as..... everyone knows who!!! lol!

then, i even have ma ka pyaar waali mummy... deb... all i gotta do is keep my head upon her shoulder... and she would pet me to sleep... i mean she actually puts an ISD call on hold.. to talk to us.. isen't that just adorable! :)

noopur... i totally love and adore her.. why... well.. i told her in advance... i know Bharat so much.. i'm gonna bear hug him the very first time we meet... and yet, she made me meet him.. and im a woman of my words... so... i did what i said i will... and she dear darling had no problem.. she said... what's mine is yours baby! ;P

then comes Rei sahab.. i loooooooooooooeeee him so much.. why??? cuz when i made frenz him him... my fren circle increased by 6 people... he gave me... 1. Heena (muaaah!) 2. Pravesh 3. Mehra 4. Rishi 5. Akshay and 6. Reishabh ofcourse! aisa sauda dekha hai kya??? 1 k badlay 6???

Then comes the guy who i fight with and shout at most of the times... Anish... why??? because... im sure he does not want me to mention the reason here... its the same reason i told you in the car on friday, feb 5, 2010... lol... i know you laughed your guts out... but that cannot change the reason! :P

then, comes the C.R. of our class... Ritika Kaul... why do we love her so much... kyunki bunk karnay and karanay mei she is no 1... ODs zindabaad! :P

i kept this one for the last... cuz there is this person, even i consider a baby... Chadda sahaab... "The Aalutarian"... she is the ultimate baby... and the highly pampered types... she feeds dogs scrambled eggs... gets Sahil to actually go find dogs for the purpose... and you've got to watch her eat... she gets rid of all the vegetables even in chowmein! i mean... even i don't do that.. so, if im a baby... she is a super baby! :P

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