Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Balieve Me!

i think i was in the XIth standard when we were introduced to the concept called resonance... the concept states something like this: if an oscillation occurs at the right angle at the right time @ a resonating circuit... then the sound resonates... thaz all that i knew about resonance.. but then.. i got to know about the english definition of resonance... its when some words play over n over like a stuck record in your brain!!!

we have all been victims of resonance... resonance generally occurs in our daily lives with respect to songs... generally the ones with the worst lyrics... you hate them... but the words are like a stuck record in your brain... they play over n over n over again... and what can you do about it?? nothing.. in fact, you end up singing along.. ive latestly been vitimized by paisa paisa... tu paisa paisa karti hai.. tu paisy pe kyu marti hai??? i find myself humming it at times.. and then i shout at myself.. what is wrong with you... you are singing PAISA PAISA for godz sakes! :X

but, it still is pretty normal for you to sing irritating songs... but BALIEVE me... it just is not normal for words... especially irritating words to resonate in your brain... but the weird me just got weirder... i have a subject called consumer behavior... my teacher, i think his name is manish something... he is so dead damn fond of the word balieve... and ooo... his pitch... you've got to love it! :P

day before... he took 2 hours of lecture on some concept that had to do something with attitude and bAlieves... and in 120 minutes... m sure i heard the word BALIEVE 120 times... so much so.. that bAlieve me, the word "bAlieve" has been resonating in my head like crazy... in fact, im pretty convinced that all my life i spelled and pronounced it all wrong!

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