Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Chance… Second Chance.. Third Chance.. errr.. I Don’t Think So!!

Everybody says, “everyone deserves a second chance!” I believe the same with all my heart… if I like someone.. I certainly give them a second chance… if I don’t like someone… second chances are a big no no!!!

But even if I like someone… there certainly is no third chance.. I mean.. I trusted you once.. I trusted you twice… then, I lost my patience.. so don’t ask me again and again if I can trust you again.. the answer is loud and clear.. no I won’t… cuz, no I can’t!

Everybody also says “forgive and forget!”… for me forgiving and forgetting is a big no no.. I am not the forgiving types… but if I really really like you… I will forgive.. but, forgetting is the last thing on my mind.. I haven’t and never will forget!!!

You cheat me once.. you cheat me twice.. thaz all the opportunity you got.. but, incase you were special… I would still care for you.. I would still want you to make the best of your life.. and all I’ve got left for you is… “all the very best!”

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